Emergency Situations And Why It Is Great To Have An Eton Raptor

We never know what is going to happen next in life and this is why it is good to be prepared for emergencies. When most natural disasters occur, an interruption to the power supply is inevitable. This can be disastrous because it can leave us in danger and with no clue of what is happening in the world around us. Without our modern technology it may feel like we have been whisked back to the Stone Age and most of us won’t be prepared to live this way. Thankfully devices such as the Eton Raptor are fantastic in situations such as these.


The Eton Raptor is so much more than just a solar powered AM/FM radio. It is digital radio that you get with the Eton Raptor rather than standard radio. This device also provides weather alerts from NOAA and it also includes a reliable compass, barometer, altimeter, and chronograph. These gadgets are really great to have in an emergency. In the past there have been radios that can be wound up to work, but none of these were as easy to use or had as much functionality as the Eton Raptor. You can get hours of use out of the batteries once they have been charged by the sun.

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