Detailed Information about Drug Rehab Procedure

Journey to sobriety requires enduring commitment, which is worthwhile. The person has to follow simple rehab steps in accordance to their treatment plan of klonopin high. However, there are certain similarities in all the recovery procedures.

Addiction rehab programs and facilities are myriads, but the one must stay committed till the end of the treatment. It will increase your chances of having good health and sobriety forever.

Two types of programs

Inpatient treatment program

  • Patient needs to stay under a medically supervised facility
  • Inpatient care will help you get rid of temptation and reduce the chances of relapse, during detox and rehab process
  • Inpatients are restricted to contact family and friends in the first phase the process
  • This facilitates the addicts to concentrate on recovery without external world distraction
  • After a while, family and friends are invited to participate in family therapy sessions or on visiting days to meet the inpatient
  • It helps to build a support system needed to recover after leaving the rehab facility

Outpatient treatment program

  • Treatment is similar to inpatient program, but the only difference is that the addicts are allowed to go home and come back.
  • Patients may have specific duties like taking care of kids or their old parents, which they can easily performed in this kind of program
  • This program is best for short-term addictions

Both the kinds of treatment are quite similar and conducted at the rehab center by a skilled counselor. In the first step, diagnostic tests are conducted to find out the addictions severity, family background, and patients medical and financial history.


All kinds of drugs and alcohol rehab processes include detoxification program prior to the starting of rehabilitation treatment. Detoxification helps to eliminate the drug and alcohol traces. Regular medications are given to balance the withdrawal symptoms linked to specific drugs like heroin, opiate and prescribed drugs.

The severity of detox process differs from one person to another. It depends on the length of usage and dosage level. This is a safe process, but has to be conducted under the supervisions of doctors.

Recovery process

After the initial detox phase, the addicts are made to go through other drug rehab procedures. In this part, the patients get to understand the reason of their addiction and address those problems to move ahead in life and be sober.

The rehab process includes behavioral therapy, time management skills, coping with tempting situations, cognitive behavioral therapy, reformation of thinking pattern, group therapy (community support) and family therapy. All these are important components of recovery process.


After the conclusion of rehab program the recovered person has to experience many changes in the external world. Whatever training they learnt from rehab centers have to be put into practice. Follow-up programs are provided for assisting the recovered person to live a normal life.

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