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7 Home Ingrown Hair Removal Methods

March 9th, 2017

Whether you’re a man or a woman most people have unwanted hair that we would like to have removed, and we all are looking to find the perfect way to have the procedure done. Home methods on ingrown pubic hair removal are often preferred because most people lead very busy lives. Whether it is picking up the kids from school and running them to activities or whether we’re off to the gym, we just don’t often have the time to go to a salon. So home hair removal is what many of us opt for to remove our unwanted hair.

So what methods can be used at home to remove that unwanted hair?

  • Tweezing – removing unwanted hairs with a pair of tweezers. We should all have a pair of tweezers in our medicine cabinet. These work well for stray hairs on the chin, ingrown hairs and for tweezing eyebrows. It can be a little painful, but it can be done in the privacy of your own home.
  • Shaving – This is one of the oldest ways to remove hair at home. It is quick and easy to do. Men have been using this method for years to remove facial hair and women for their legs and underarms. It can be used for other areas as well, but must be repeated every few days to be effective.
  • Waxing – This can be done at home but takes time and patience. Waxing at home can save you money because going to a salon to have it done is a little more expensive.
  • Creams – Over the counter hair removal creams are relatively cheap and some will be sold to target specific areas. They can be messy and smelly and costly over time.
  • Epilators – an electrical device that removes the hair by grasping multiple hairs and pulling them out. This is similar to waxing except it does not remove a layer of the epidermis with it.
  • Laser hair removal – machines are now being designed and sold for use. They are a quick and easy way to remove hair in the comfort of your home. Men and women who have had laser hair removal done in a salon have started using these systems in their home instead.
  • Home remedies – home remedies like turmeric and honey and lemon pastes are homeopathic ways to remove hair.

So look at the ways that you can remove that unwanted hair in your own home and choose the option that is best for you. Try one or more of them before you decide which one you prefer. Here’s a great article that you can read about Hair Removal.